Hotel Bonaparte | Šebastovská 4, 040 17 Šebastovce


Hotel Bonaparte


The great hall of our hotel is the perfect venue for a large social event. Are you looking for the perfect venue for your venue, university or high school graduation, family celebration or company events? You can find the Bonaparte Hotel Venue just behind Košice (only 1.5 km) with excellent access. Problem-free parking in a private parking lot that is part of the hotel. We offer a modern venue with a total capacity of 85 people. This venue has also a large dance floor with excellent acoustics. Naturally, it offers privacy, easy exit to a private terrace and a kid’s corner, however, if you don’t want to use these, we can separate them.


Enjoy our excellent coffee on our beautiful and cozy terrace or in the pleasant lounge. We offer you a great place for your business meetings or for meetings with your friends. The excellent location (only 1 km from Košice) and problem-free hotel parking are great advantages. A private closed lounge, which you can book in advance and thus achieve maximum privacy, is also available to you. 


We invite you to our delicious daily menu, which we prepare for you diligently each day. If the weather permits it, you can use our summer terrace, but we also have a large capacity indoors. Comfortable parking in our hotel parking lot is guaranteed.

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Summer terrace

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